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5 Laminate Myths Debunked

We've covered hardwood, tile, and carpet. Now it is time to debunk the biggest myths surrounding laminate flooring! Let's see if we can't convince you that laminate flooring has a place in your home!

1. Laminate is a One Trick Pony

When people think of laminate floors, the image that usually comes to mind first is a hardwood floor look-alike. While it is true that laminate floors are a beautiful option for hardwood floor fans on a tight budget, it can also take on the shape of marble, stone, or ceramic tiles. And the technology available to make laminate floors look like the material they're trying to mimic is now more impressive than ever before, allowing laminate planks to make your vision come to life without the hefty price tag of the original materials.

2. Laminate is the Same Ting as Luxury Vinyl

They may look similar, but laminate and luxury vinyl are pretty different below the surface. Laminate is made up of four distinct layers. You have the backing layer, the substrate layer, pattern layer, and the wear layer. Luxury vinyl floors have a total of eight layers, and can admittedly be more resilient than some laminate planks. Luxury vinyl also holds up to water a bit better, but if your not planning on having the floor around a lot of water (bathroom, laundry room, basement, etc.) than laminate is still a great option!

3. Damage is a Death Sentence for Laminate Floors

People who mistake laminate planks for linoleum sheets may be worried about having to replace their entire floor if it is damaged. This would be true of linoleum floors since those floors are installed in sheets that cover a lot of ground. Removing a specific area would leave you with an awkward looking patch-job. Laminate floors, on the other hand, allow you to remove and replace individual planks when floor damage raises its ugly head. No complete home makeover necessary!

4. Laminate Gets Damaged Easily

If you think laminate is less durable than traditional hardwood floors, think again. Damage is the result of a lack of durability, but laminate flooring is made up of multiple layers that, when combined, can stand up to a plethora of problems that would lead to damage. Strength lies in structure, so as long as you take proper care of your flooring, it will last for years.

5. Laminate is High-maintenance.

We aren't entirely sure how this rumor got started. Just like hardwood, laminate is a breeze to take care of. All you need to do for regular maintenance is sweep, dry mop, or gently vacuum the floor every couple of days. It couldn't be easier! Laminate flooring even has a leg up on traditional hardwood because the tiles/boards can be installed tightly together. There is no need to leave room for the boards to expand, which means no seams to worry about!

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