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What is Hardwood Refinishing, and Why do I Need It?

Refinishing your hardwood floors - it’s something that nearly everyone with hardwood floors needs, wants, or has to do. As a consumer, customer, and hardwood flooring owner, it’s necessary that you understand each element you put your money and time into. With this hardwood refinishing guide, we aim to educate you on the basics of hardwood refinishing. So, let’s jump right in!

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So, what is it?

Refinishing your hardwood floors takes a few, easy steps:

  1. First, your local flooring expert will sand down the top layer of your hardwood floor.

  2. After that, they paint on a new wood stain and a thin finish or varnish, known as lacquer, which provides protection against wear and tear as well as that fresh, shiny hardwood look - quite utilitarian and appealing!

💡Insight: Hardwood refinishing is our most sought after service we provide at Floor It. In fact, we've quoted 10 projects for refinishing since January!

Why do I need it?

As a hardwood flooring owner, it’s important for you to know exactly what refinishing is - but even more important than the simple ‘what,’ it’s crucial for you to know why you even need it!

Before we get into it, let’s consider carpet floors and stains:

These soft, plushy floors don’t hide when you spill coffee or when your pet’s paws leave fresh dirt prints. These kinds of messes aren’t so easy to clean up, and can soak into or get trapped within the carpet fibers. This can be no different than the grains in your hardwood floors!

Though it's not as easy to see with hardwood, moisture and dirt can, over time, penetrate the grain in your hardwood floors, leading to permanent damage.

Simply, time and traffic can eat away at your hardwood floor’s thin finish we discussed earlier. This is why your floor gets refinished with a new lacquer and stain, as the word implies. The sanding process of hardwood refinishing can combat those scratches, dents, and surface-level holes in your hardwood flooring as well!

Even beyond the visible or invisible impurities in your floor, hardwood refinishing as a whole is a proven practice that extends the life of your hardwood floors - a smart investment to keep the integrity of beautiful, timeless flooring.

When do I need it?

Simply eyeing your floors can let you know if their shine is dulled or scratches and dents become too plenty. Refinishing is typically recommended when you notice the finish is worn, damaged, or its luster has become dulled.

💡Tip: A recommended timeline for refinishing services is: once every 7-10 years. If you're a new homeowner with hardwood, consult the home's realtor to get further information on its refinishing history!

All of this can be easier said than done. So, if you're unsure if your hardwood needs a fresh coat and sanding, contact Floor It for a free quote!

For your consideration

Quick and easy - just like the refinishing service itself, we wanted to bring you a quick and easy guide to better understand flooring services you may enlist us to do!

Thanks for reading! Happy flooring!



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