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Wooden Floor


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Featured Video

This featured video walks you through how we clean our floors after we install. We highly recommend using the Bona Cleaning Kit. We take pride in floor installation & are the top company in Grand Rapids, MI. 
Check out our YouTube channel for more video tips for your flooring project.

Floor Prep

Floor installation takes a lot of prep. Watch this video tip about floor prep. 

Laminate Floating Floor

Quick tips for laminate floating floor installation. For more useful tips, just subscribe to our YouTube channel.


how-to: protect your floors from real christmas tree

Check out our 'short' with helpful tips to protect your floors!

Meet Floor It

Welcome to our new and improved YouTube channel and Videos from Floor It! Stay up to date with new blogs, how-to's, and more by subscribing to our channel.

4 things your contractor should do for you

Check out our 'short' with helpful tips for finding the right flooring company!

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