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Help! My Floors are Sunburnt!

It’s summer - the best time of year to live in Michigan! As you soak up the sun and catch a nice tan, it probably does not cross your mind to consider how the sun affects, somewhat, random objects inside your home.

You may have noticed your outdoor rug, patio cushions, or doormat looking a little pale after years of use. This is due to sun fading or damage, more scientifically known as photodegradation.

It typically is a process you can’t spot as it happens. However, other objects, even those inside of your home, can be affected by sun fading as well.

At its worst, sun damage can fade your hardwood floors.

Photo courtesy of Total Image. Read about their solution to sun dyed hardwood here!

So, what can you do?

We'll skip the boring science that goes into sun damaged hardwood floors - because, it's a lot.

So, let's see what you can do to help your hardwood NOT catch a sunburn.

Cover those windows!

This solution starts at the source - stopping the sun from entering the room altogether.

Just as you wear a hat at the beach to avoid catching sun on your face, you can opt to protect your floors in a similar way.

Not all curtains OR glass windows block all of the UV rays from entering your home. In fact, conventional glass windows only block about a quarter of the UV rays that shine into your room.

Below, we've provided a range of options for you to consider, all at differing price points. Take a look to see what fits your needs!

​Liberty Light Filtering Sheer Curtain

- by Eclipse

Available at Target Online

  • ​Sheer, light look while still being affective

  • $ - Affordable price point

  • ​Only 2 colors

  • May need back up, like a window film

​Easton Energy Saving Blackout Curtain

- by Sun Zero

Available at Amazon

  • ​Blackout curtains offer the highest UV blocking option

  • $ - Affordable price point

  • Many color and size options

  • Blackout means you lose a lot of light into your home

  • Heavy look to your room

Clear UV Blocking Window Film

- by BuyDecorativeFilm

Available at Home Depot

  • ​Blocks 99% of UV rays

  • Clear, transparent making them the most hidden option that won't impact your space

  • #1 option we would recommend

  • ​DIY option - can be difficult to install if not done correctly

​Installing New Windows

Available through contractors or Home Depot

  • ​Higher ability to block both UVA and UVB rays through its Low-E coating

  • No need for other sun blocking products

  • $$$ - Most expensive option

  • Not necessary unless you are in need of new windows or building your home!

Too late?

If you've already begun to notice sun fading or damage on your hardwood, don't stress!

After time, your hardwood floors will need to be refinished for countless reasons, and this includes fading! Hardwood refinishing totally combats any sun fading that already exists, because we sand down and put a new layer of finish on!

The More You Know

We at Floor It love hardwood flooring. However, it can be high maintenance. That's why we create these blogs, so you know what obstacles you may face and how to tackle common problems!

Got a question? A flooring problem you can't solve? Submit your request for a blog post topic here!

Have a happy summer!


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