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4 Ways to Increase Your Home Value With Your Floors

Admit it: whether you are in the middle of Saturday open houses or simply considering a move, the process of selling your home is stressful- an undertaking that comes with countless hidden details, factors, and stressors.

In an economic environment that’s perpetually driving up the housing market, and everyday items, making smart economic and design decisions is ever more important for you and your home before you take the next step to sell.

In the midst of a million other projects you may consider before you put your home up for sale, learning ways to increase your home values with your flooring can be as easy as a deep clean or as simple as passing the project off to an expert to take care of.

Let’s take a look at 4 ways that you can increase your home value with your floors, existing or new!

1. Amp up your old floors

Clean, clean, deep clean!

Your home may have new flooring or 20 year old flooring. Whatever the age, there is still hope to make them look brand new, and the key here is deep cleaning.

You may clean them weekly, but you'd be surprised what a true deep clean can do for your floors!

Below, we have given you proven methods for how to deep clean the 5 most popular flooring type, including prices!

Laminate + Vinyl




Price: $7 - 16

Price: $9 - 21

Steam clean - hire a pro!

Wet vac or steam clean!

Price: $22 - 27

For a more in depth cleaning guide, visit this blog post:

Refinish your hardwood

Lucky for hardwood floor owners, calling up your local flooring expert and booking a refinishing service is the best way to improve not only the look of your floors but also the integrity - giving them a second life!

Contact us to get a quote for your hardwood refinishing needs!

2. Taking the plunge? Buy hardwood!

At a certain point, and in some cases, your floors may be too old or too rough to be able to clean and look new.

If you're considering dumping your old flooring and buying new, look no further than hardwood. It's a classic, timeless, and elegant flooring option that many homeowners look for!

Plus, and it's a real plus, having genuine hardwood flooring in your home can increase your home value by 3 - 5%!

Tip: Need new flooring but hardwood too expensive? Opt for a vinyl flooring that mimics hardwood!

3. Be consistent and make it flow

Though hardwood is an appealing factor for your home, you should also be mindful that your flooring is consistent. If you're interested in re-flooring a certain room, you should consider what flooring the surrounding rooms have.

The third factor of flooring that can increase your home value is flooring consistency, where all open floor rooms have the same flooring.

So, from your entry way to your living room and even into your kitchen are all one flooring style, color, and material. This creates a sense of cohesion, through style, color, and material. Not to mention, it's much easier to clean when all of your open plan rooms have the same cleaning regimens!

4. DIY around the room!

Oh, DIY-lovers - we didn't forget you!

If you're not ready to wave your old flooring goodbye, or afraid to commit to a new style of flooring, don't fret! Here, in the fourth tip, we've gathered a list of easy, simple, yet refreshing DIY projects to upgrade your rooms and your floors that you can take on yourself:

  • Paint your walls - Find a color that makes your flooring pop! Head to your local Home Depot or Lowes, grab some color samples, and see what complements your floor best! For a quick guide, here are some examples:

Don't forget your color wheel! Find out what tone your flooring is, and stick to that palette for your walls!

Stuck on ideas? Stick to 'earth tones' for your walls - a mix of pleasing yet calm colors!

  • Paint your baseboards - While following the same color rules as above, opt for a more neutral color (like white, tan, etc.) that won't overpower the floors!

Tip: Remember, though you may like to make a statement, if you are preparing your home for market, try to stick to neutral colors / conventional color pairings.


No matter your budget, we've compiled this list of ways to improve your home value (and overall aesthetic) through your floors!

To those of you listing your home or considering a move, we wish you luck!

Happy Flooring!


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