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5 Outdated Design Trends You Need To Avoid

Parquet Flooring

While parquet flooring may hold some extra appeal for homeowners looking to DIY their floor installation, this lock-and-seal flooring is no longer fashionable. That's because the basket weave design on most parquet tiles just ends up looking busy rather than adding a tasteful dose of visual interest in your home's design. This makes decorating with modern styles and furniture a nightmare, so why put yourself through that hassle? Instead, allow a more neutral floor design work to show off your favorite pieces!

Tile Countertops

Ugly, more challenging to clean, and horrifically outdated, glossy porcelain tile countertops are on their way out in our book! Same thing goes for tile backsplash. And yes, that does go for your kitchen and your bathroom! A good alternative would be something sleek like quarts, sintered stone, or even wood countertops.

Carpeted Bathrooms

Do we even have to elaborate on this one? Carpeting has no place in a room designed for water! The risk of mildew, discoloring, or even mold in the carpet fibers is way too high! Just don't do it!

Green Marble

The 90's called and they want their marble back! Whether it's on your floor or your countertops, green marble is a difficult look for most houses to pull off. Neutral is the way to go these days because it allows you to change color schemes and styles as often as you like. Plus, neutral colors are always classy!

Hardwood Stained Red

Similarly to green marble, hardwood floors that are stained red are outdated and hard to coordinate your furniture and decorations with. While it is true that red floors do lend themselves to a warm, inviting atmosphere, they don't look quite right with more modern styles. This isn't an issue if your in love with the color and plan on spending years in your home, but if selling or moving away is on your radar any time soon it's better to play it safe with more common hardwood colors (brown, chocolate, grey, or tan).

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