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How to Make a Large Room Look Cozy

Ballrooms, libraries, museums and theaters are admired for their grand use of large spaces. They are designed to give people a sense of awe and majesty when they walk in. But homes are different. More often than not, people want their personal dwellings to be cozy and inviting. This can be difficult when you have a room that looks overly large, usually being a living room. Thankfully, some strategic decorating can easily fix this problem.

1. Lose as Much Reflection as Possible

The amount of light allowed in a room contributes to how large said room feels. You can minimize some of the light pouring into your space by opting for walls, furniture, and flooring that doesn't have reflective surfaces. Matte paint, soft fabrics, and carpeting or a matte floor finish are particularly good choices for large rooms!

2. Choose Your Colors Wisely

Going along with the idea of letting less light into the room, sprinkle in some darker colors when decorating to avoid opening up the room to look bigger than it is. This doesn't mean you have to make the space look like a Gothic castle, but choosing a warmer shade for the walls or adding in some darker accents will make the room feel more cozy.

3. Make Full Use of Your Space

Why decorate your room for only one purpose? If you have a room with space to spare, use it! Divide the room into two parts. One side could be a sitting area with a couch and some nice chairs while the other side plays the part of an office. Maybe a dining room/entertainment room combo! This will give you the feel of having an open floor plan without leaving any part of your room looking unused.

4. Go Big or Go Back to the Store

A grand space requires grand furniture, so if you are decorating a big room you have to go big! Large couch sets, overstuffed chairs, floor lamps, and sturdy side/coffee tables will make the room look less overwhelming. Just keep in mind, if the furniture is big, the patterns on it have to be too. Otherwise your style will come across as being unbalanced.

5. Break Up Your Wall

Tall ceilings will make your room feel huge, but you can create the illusion of a lower ceiling by splitting up the color of your wall horizontally. For example, use a dark color on the top half of the wall while using white or a lighter wallpaper for the bottom half. Not only will your room look smaller, but it will also look extremely fashionable!

Happy Flooring!

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