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Home Design: To-Trend or Not To-Trend

It's a new year - 2023! A new year always brings ambitions, goals, and brightens up old dreams you may have forgotten about. With this fresh start comes new trends, hot styles, and do's and do not's for pretty much anything that can have a style, from your clothing to your hair and, even, your home.

If you've ever redecorated, refurnished, or completed an entire home renovation, you understand the time, money, and hard labor that can go into a re-design of a single room, which is nowhere close to the cost of a total home reno. In the end, it's worth the time, money, and labor that you put into it - if the end result aligns with your vision.

But, how often do you want to complete this task? Should you undertake a redesign of your home as swiftly as you may adopt a new fashion choice?

In this blog, we're going to tackle quite a difficult question: Should I follow interior design home trends? Or, is it even realistic to try to follow these trends?

Obviously, this question depends on a number of factors in your life. So, let's break down this decision:

The Money Side of Things

Right from the get-go, we are going to side against you following home design trends simply for how much money it can take.

Think about all of your clothes from when you were in high school. You can definitely look back at some of those tank tops and low-rise jeans with a squeamish glance. But, how much money did you spend buying into the fashions of your time?

Redecorating, painting, and refurnishing your home every time a certain design trend appears is simply a waste of your money! You may love it for a few months or a year, but it's a trend - it will not outlive the fast-paced world of trends and what's hip.

According to HomeAdvisor, a standard renovation of just 1 room can cost you around $4,000!

Pro tip: If your heart truly lies with following a trend, opt for a cheaper redesign by buying new furnishes, like throw pillows and blankets, rugs, lamps, and other décor!


Considering the positive payoff of a room reno or redecoration is a personal choice - but one that is possibly most important. Maximalism may be trending, but is it too busy for your liking?

With any home style, functionality reigns supreme, right above your style choices. Will you get sick of this style? Does it not make sense for what you use the room for? How long until you need to redecorate again after this?

Another factor to consider is how permanent that living space is for you. If you own the home, then go right ahead and try out new styles, if the money's right! However, if you are a renter or expecting to move out of your home soon, spend your creative energy planning, researching, and experimenting with interior decorating styles instead of implementing them! There are countless styles your home can fit, so ensure the one you choose will last!

Pro tip: Feel restless with creative energy? Spend time planning, creating a mood board, or reading up on the hundreds of interior decorating styles to ensure you find one that fits you - and your budget!

Be Honest, Does it Matter?

Interior decorating and renovations can be a massively time consuming endeavor, and all throughout this article, we have hinted at our next major point: What do you like?

More importantly, how much do you really care that you follow trends?

Succumbing to trends happens to the best of us, but home trends can be another beast. As we've said, it's not as simple as buying a shirt, hating it, and donating it - it's your home; the place you live, sleep, eat, and enjoy!

So, how much do you care what Architectural Digest says the biggest home trends are in 2023? If you're someone who rents out your space for, say, photography sessions or events, then perhaps you might invest your time in home trend research!

But, ultimately, your home is your space. You live in it, so spend the time curating it to what you find interesting, comforting, and useful!

Pro tip: Need some inspiration to find what home style is best for that living room of yours? To take the plunge, you can start your discovery with home style quizzes like this one, 'What's Your Design Style?'.


By creating this blog post, we hope to help you make the smartest design choices for your home, your wallet, and your enjoyment. The bottom line: before any major home changes or renovations, think through it and plan, plan, plan! Using Pinterest as inspiration, creating mood boards with cut outs from magazines, and reading up on the true costs of re-designs is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Anyway, have you heard about Art Deco making a comeback in interior design? I think.....



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