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DIY Santa Footprints for Your Floor

Looking for ways to add a little magic to your home this Christmas? Check out this quick, easy, and, most importantly, fun way to spread the cheer this year!

Just two days until Santa takes off on his magical trip around the world! We thought we'd keep the magic going by sharing three fun, easy-to-clean ways to prove to your kids that Ol' Kris Kringle has made a point to stop by your abode. Watch your kiddos track Santa's every step around your house with these DIY Santa footprints. They're sure to delight any little one, whether they've been naughty or nice!

Method 1: The Over Achiever

This method is for those parents who love going all-out with Christmas crafts. It's a bit more time intensive, and is the most challenging to clean up of our three methods, but leaves you with a fantastic final result!

With this winter storm upon us, this method can be done with items you already have in your home!

What you'll need:


Baking Soda

A spray bottle of water

A baking sheet or craft tray

A pair of clean boots

What to do:

Start by mixing together the glitter and baking soda until you like what you see. Once you have your "snow" all mixed together on the craft tray, lightly spray the bottoms of the clean boots and dip them in the snow mix. Stamp your boot onto your floor a bit firmly so it leaves a defined print. Repeat this spray-and-stamp process with your boots all throughout your house until you have enough indisputable proof that Santa has visited.

To clean:

Vacuum thoroughly and check for any left over moisture from the "boot spray". You don't want water sitting on your floor for too long.

Method 2: Quick and Quiet

If you've got a small house where trying to be stealthy is extra tricky this is the craft for you. It's super easy and doesn't require any boot stamping whatsoever.

What you'll need:

A pair of clean boots

Insta-snow (found at most craft stores)


What to do:

Trace along the sole's of your boots and cut out the resulting shape. From there you can decide whether you would like to leave foot prints that are outlined by snow or filled in with the white stuff. With that decision made you simply have to place your stencils on the ground and sprinkle your insta-snow in or around the shape. Continue this process until you have created enough indisputable proof of Santa's secret visit.

To clean:

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum

Method 3: The Keepsake Approach

While this method may not fool any little ones over the age of five, it is undoubtedly our favorite method because of how easy it is to clean and how adorable it ends up looking. Plus, with this method you only have to create one set of footprints that will last you for years to come!

What you'll need:

White foam board or foam craft sheets

A pair of clean boots (optional)


Spray-on fake snow

Glitter (optional)

What to do:

All you have to do for this craft is trace and cut out your boot print shapes from your foam. Spray each piece with the fake snow and add a little glitter for something extra if you'd like. Then they're done! All that will be left to do on Christmas morning is to lay them on your floor.

To clean:

Place your footprints in a bag and place them somewhere safe for next year!

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