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Do I Need Baseboards?

Baseboards are the decorative strips of wood that line the area of your home where the wall meets the floor. They add contrast, character, and a look of completion to any room. We love baseboards, but they can be a bit tricky to deal with when installing a floor. Removing them is time consuming and can cause damage to your wall if done incorrectly, which is why so many people debate with themselves about whether or not they really need to go through that whole process. After all, they're just for show, right? No one will notice if the floor actually goes under the baseboards instead of just going right up to it, right?

Well, there's a 50/50 chance of whether removing your baseboards are a good idea. How will you know? Let us show you!


A Case For Removal:

While it's true that the baseboards found in your house don't have much practical use, they should be more carefully considered in the floor installation process. Aesthetic is key in making sure your floor looks professionally done. Just because you're trying to save a bit of cash by doing the floors yourself or having your contractor do the bare minimum doesn't mean your floor should look cheaply done.

Beyond that, you have to take your new floor and its height into account. Will it match up with the height of your floorboards, or clearly cover them up? Will they be too thin and leave a gap between your baseboard and the floor? In either case, you won't be happy with the finished product.

The verdict: the risk is worth the end result! Remove your baseboards before installing your floor.

When It's A Bad Idea:

Sure, your floor will always look better if your remove the baseboards first, but what about your wall? There are times when removing the baseboards can do more harm than good. What if the baseboards are glued down to your dry wall? What if they break and you don't have the extra money in your budget to replace them? What if you're strapped for time and just need to get this thing done ASAP? Worst of all, what if a accident happens and you end up ruining your wall in the name of DIY home repairs? Well then, friends, you probably should just cut your losses and leave the baseboards where they are.

There's ultimately no harm if you can't remove the baseboards for your renovation. It just might look a little funny. No harm no foul.

The verdict: Keep the baseboards where they are! Don't ruin your wall for the sake of your floor.

Now that you know whether or not your baseboards are good to go for removal, it's time to consult a professional. Give us a call or leave a message in the comments so we can help you take the next steps toward your perfect floor!

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