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Pros and Cons: Marble Tile

We're going to be bold for a moment and say that there is no type of flooring that looks more regal, more extravagant than marble tile. Just think about all the times you see marble floors in movies. It's almost exclusively used in the homes of the wealthiest characters in the story. The swirling strands of color in each tile seem to inject an extra dose of class to the atmosphere.

While we love to see beautiful floors being showcased on the big screen, we think media has pigeonholed marble floors and conditioned people to think it is only practical and stylish in these very specific settings. That's just not so! You don't need a mansion or gilded bungalow to enjoy marble. With the right planning and accompanying style, marble floors can fit into just about any home.

Take a look at the Pros and Cons list below to see if Marble tile is a good fit for you!

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