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Flooring Fashion

Decorative vases and wall hangings can't hold a candle to the visual effect a nice floor can have on a room. Your floor plays the part of a frame to the picture that is your room. Put up all the decorations you want, but if your floor is ugly, the whole aesthetic is inevitably thrown off.

This phenomenon is something we've all experienced at one point or another. Whether in a home or business, there is a room you've stepped in and were none to hesitant to leave. Can you remember a moment like that? We can. Just the other day one of our team members decided to try a new restaurant nearby. The food was great, the wait staff was attentive, and the decor was modern, but the floor! Yowza! Dingy, outdated linoleum squares cheapened the look of what could have been a very trendy restaurant. It's sad, really.

Thankfully, designers are hard at work every day coming up with new materials and designs that we can implement in our own work. Our clients can now let their imaginations run wild with ideas for their favorite rooms. You can use your floor as the ultimate form of home personalization, so why not give in to your vision?

For those of you who don't fancy yourselves as being overly creative, or if you're just not feeling confident in your personal taste for so big an investment, take a look at this list of our top 4 flooring fashion trends of the year!

1) Grey Hardwood Floors

So many people don't know how much wiggle room there is for creativity with hardwood floors. Nowadays it's not simply a choice between varying degrees of browns and reds. Now you have other colors to pick from, but grey holds a special place in our hearts. There is no better way to make a classic flooring medium feel utterly modern than turning it a rich, smokey grey.

Fashion tip: combine grey hardwood with dark brown cabinets, glass backsplash, and lavender or cream accents to spice up your kitchen.

2) Combination Tile Floors

For centuries, tiles have been laid side by side to create breathtaking mosaics. Pictures and patterns emerge from slabs of porcelain and clay. It's beautiful! That's why we want to put the spotlight on combination tile floors. You never need to stick with one color of tile in your home. Look into blending unique hues and patterns in your tiles to fabricate a mosaic all your own!

Fashion tip: Try light blue and pale green tile with a few patterned pieces mixed in. Pair your floor with distressed furniture and crisp, white walls for a beautiful beach-themed bathroom.

3) Bright Carpet Squares

Some people don't necessarily want their room to feel soothing or tranquil. Instead, they opt for a vibrant energy that rubs off on their guests the second they enter said room. Carpet tiles give you the opportunity to channel your liveliest side when you bring a few colorful squares into the mix!

Fashion tip: Add a handful of bright red or blue carpet squares into a combination of more neutral colors (brown, white, grey) for a trendy take on an everyday carpet. Finish the look with contemporary black or apple red furniture.

4) Patterned Vinyl

Patterns are amazing in floors. They really take a room to the next level. Instead of your floors being the frame, they instantly become the picture, or focal point, of your room when covered in patterns. Vinyl gives you a plethora of patterned options to choose from in order to do so.

Fashion tip: Keep the attention on those gorgeous patterned floors with light, simplistic furniture and decor. Doing this will draw everyone's eyes to the pattern and lend itself to a fresh, buoyant atmosphere.

So, which will you choose? Let us know below!

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