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TAKE THE PLUNGE: Why a No-Step Shower is a Must in Your Bathroom

Man cave. She-cove. Blanket fort. If you’re like most people who have to share a living space with others, you have at some point entertained the thought of a personal safe-haven designated for you and you alone in your household. A spot designed to your liking to rest and just be for a few precious moments. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how extroverted, we all need a little personal space. For most of us, however, the reality of ever having a room like this is a stretch at best. So what do we do? We work with what we have, and confine the luxury of alone-time to the one room in the house where we know we will be left undisturbed: the bathroom.

So why is it, that we so often fail to treat our water closets like the treasures they are? Toothpaste smeared on the lip of the sink, hair products sprawled out on the counter haphazardly, soggy towels slung over whatever surface stands ready to receive them, and worst of all, wet hair lining the wall of the shower to create the world’s most gag-worthy piece of abstract art. No more! You deserve better and so does your bathroom! With that in mind, let us conspire with you to surprise all who venture into this sacred space. We’re going to share with you one of the most striking and functional ways you can transform your bathroom into a spa-like refuge. It’s called a no-threshold shower.

We’ll admit, the name isn’t particularly romantic, but this type of shower adds a visually astounding effect to any bathroom. A no-threshold shower is simply has no lip, no tub, or sill to step over to access the shower. Just a shower head, a door, and a drain. There’s no cumbersome dividers to break up the “feng shui” of the bathroom, if you will. Instead, the bathroom floor flows freely straight into the shower, making your bathroom feel bigger and more open overall.

Just imagine what this simple fix could do for the aesthetic of your bathroom! Zero-step showers instantly take it from dowdy to modern, shabby to sheik. And before you allow yourself to believe that these showers only look good in homes or bathrooms that already have a more contemporary feel, listen to this: there are a number of styles to choose from to match the look of your home. Tile, wood, porcelain floors; your options are pretty varied. Trust us when we say, these showers fit in with any decor.

Now, we’re not just pushing this issue because of how your bathroom will look. Style is nice and all, but it’s not enough to justify the pricetag of remodeling a bathroom for most of us. No, any zero-threshold shower you look at is more than just a pretty face. When you invest in one of these showers, you’re investing in safety. This little makeover eliminates the possibility of tripping over any kind of barrier while getting into your shower. It eases the stress of worrying about that balancing act we all have to do to make it to the bathroom floor when the shower is a bit too slick.

Yes, we know you’re probably thinking, “I don’t have to worry about that until I’m older. My shower is perfectly fine as-is, thank you very much!”. And you know, you’re right. Tub walls and shower sills most likely won’t be a problem for you for a while. But unless you’re a hermit with access to the fountain of youth, they will be cause for concern at some point in your life. You’re going to have a relative or a friend who stays over and what is a small problem for you will be a nerve-wracking challenge for them. And yes, one of these days you yourself will look at your tub as a challenge. It happens to all of us. A no-step shower simply puts you in a position of preparedness for all stages of life.

Starting to see why we’re such advocates of this shower? It looks great, feels luxurious, and is safer for you and everyone you love. Plus, it’s easier to clean than other showers, and that’s nothing to laugh about. Shower-cleaning day is awful. Here’s the best news, though. This kind of shower is relatively easy to install with the help of a professional and inexpensive, all things considered. There will be a little extra demo involved if you are remodeling a bathroom that is above ground level, but this work isn’t extensive. At the end of the day, we’re confident you’ll be happy with the investment, and your bathroom will feel like the sanctuary you’ve always longed for.

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