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All About Ceramic Flooring Tiles

Spring has sprung, and I think it's safe to say that we are all in the need of some sunshine, and something refreshing. There's nothing more satisfying than organizing and decluttering your space to get it ready for the summer. However, if you've finished your spring cleaning, but still don't feel satisfied, maybe you should revive your space with new flooring, like ceramic tiles!

Ceramic tiles are very popular in homes whether they are in showers, on bathroom floors, in entryways, or on kitchen floors. The tiles are thin and flat. They provide protection against corrosion and foot heavy traffic. Ceramic tiles come in copious shapes, sizes, and colors. To install, the tiles are secured to a subfloor using mortar, and the spaces between the tiles are filled with grout. This flooring option can give new life to any room with its varying sizes, colors, and shapes!


  • Very durable

  • Huge selection of shapes, colors, and sizes

  • Affordable

  • Low maintenance

  • Versatile


  • Hard and cold on feet

  • Slippery when wet

  • Grout discolors


Ceramic tile is DIY-able, but installing it can be pretty tricky and time consuming. Therefore, professional installation is recommended, so if you need any assistance, contact Floor It in Grand Rapids for help. They offer high quality work, and tile is one of their specialties.


$4-$10 per square foot

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