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5 Hardwood Myths Debunked

Holding back from getting that beautiful hardwood floor you've always wanted because of one of these myths? Don't!

1. Hardwood floors require a lot of maintenance.

Hardwood floors are about as easy to take care of as floors get. All you need to do for regular maintenance is sweep, dry mop, or vacuum every other day or so to get the grit off the floor and keep shoes off the surface as much as possible. The key is consistency. If you can commit to five minutes of cleanup a few times a week and taking care of spills or bigger messes as soon as you see them, you're golden! It requires no more work than any other type of flooring would on a daily basis.

2. Hardwood floors are for people with big budgets.

While it is true that the initial cost of a hardwood floor is more pricey than the majority of flooring materials, the return on your investment cannot be beat. A well-maintained hardwood floor can last for generations and never really goes out of style. Plus they are the cheapest to repair in many cases since you can often reverse any damages easily without having to remove a section of the floor. Think about all of the historical buildings that still have their original floors and how good those floors still look. Yours can last just as long as if you want it to.

Bonus: Hardwood floors raise the resale value of your house more than any other type of flooring!

3. Engineered hardwood is inferior to regular hardwood floors.

Not so! Engineered wood flooring is made with real wood and looks identical to a normal hardwood floor. The only part of these floors that is not made from wood is the glue that holds the wood veneers together. This is nice because you're able to get the same look you would get with real hardwood without having to install a sub floor or worry as much about the humidity of a room warping your boards. Always compare and measure the benefits and challenges of each before making a final decision for your home, but don't think you're getting a lower-quality floor if you choose engineered wood.

4. Hardwood floors are a poor choice for families with pets and small children.

We can see where this myth is coming from. Hardwood floors have a reputation for scratching easily and showing wear from heavy foot traffic. The thing is, that often has less to do with the wood and more to do with the finish of your floor. And guess what? As we mentioned above, reversing the signs of scratches and other cosmetic damage is easier with hardwood floors than any other flooring. A quick refinishing job will do the trick. You can also help prevent some surface damage by choosing a harder type of wood, which is pretty easy since there are so many varieties of wood to choose from. Don't let a fear of scratches keep you from your dream floor!

5. You should never install a hardwood floor in your kitchen.

People who worry about water damage are quick to dismiss hardwood floors as an option for their kitchens, but doing so robs you of a fantastic aesthetic. Hardwood floors look absolutely beautiful in kitchens, and while it is true that exposure to liquid can cause damage to your floor, it's pretty easy to avoid. Simply cover areas that you're most worried about with floor mats or area rugs and attend to any spills or leaking quickly. If you can do that, you can easily make hardwood flooring a part of your kitchen!

Happy Flooring!

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