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Keep Your Flooring in the Family

'Tis the season for spending some extra special time with your loved ones and reflecting on the legacy your family has built throughout history. There is a beautiful sentimentality connected to this season of celebration and it really just brings out a fresh perspective of how important remembering our love for family is. Many of us feed into that sentimentality with gifts and tokens that have a connection to our favorite places and people. Sometimes it's a piece of jewelry, a recipe, a book, or furniture; but then there are heirloom-worthy items made from something meaningful to you.

In honor of the holiday season and our love of legacy, here are some of our favorite ways to use old hardwood flooring from the homes that hold the most precious memories for you:

1. Shelving

Floating shelves are a stylish and practical addition to any home; but imagine some beautiful floating shelves made from the old floorboards of your grandparent's home? This is an easy project that you can do to incorporate some family history in your decor!

2. Headboard

If you love the rustic-chic style for your home, this is the project for you! You can create a beautiful headboard for your bed out of old floorboards that will make you feel close to home.

3. Table

Some of the best memories are made sitting around the table, so why not make even more around a table with some history. Reclaimed floorboards are a great resource for making a gorgeous and eco-friendly dinner, side, or coffee table.

4. Picture Frames

If you don't have access to a surplus of old floorboards from your family home, don't have extra space for a large piece of furniture, or don't think old floorboards really fit your home's aesthetic, something small is a good choice for you. With as little as two floorboard you can make a simple picture frame that would be perfect for holding a picture of the home it came from.

5. Artwork

Again for those of you who love the rustic vibe in your home, old floorboards can make some beautiful artwork. With a little paint and creativity you can make a stunning piece of art for your wall.

Happy Flooring!

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