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Floor It Favorites: Area Rugs

No matter what kind of flooring you have, be it hardwood, vinyl, carpeting, tile, or laminate, you have a reason to get an area rug. Not only do they help keep your floor clean like the other Floor It Favorites we've mentioned in this series, but they protect your floor against damage caused by everyday wear. The area rug is a fantastic tool in flooring that just doesn't get enough credit. We're here to change that today.

To start, area rugs shield the surface of your floor from scratches, dents, and other damage caused by heavy furniture or foot traffic. If you place a couch on an area rug, for instance, the dents left by the couch's legs will primarily transfer to the rug rather than your carpet. In a similar vein, scuff marks and scratches caused by shoes, furniture legs, pet nails, and toys that would otherwise mar your hardwood flooring can be prevented if you cover those areas with an area rug. Just imagine how much money you'll be saving by merely replacing old area rugs instead of trying to repair or replace your entire floor!

Should your floor suffer any damage, however, area rugs do a great job of hiding the evidence. Throwing a nice area rug over a damaged spot on your floor will inconspicuously keep your room looking pristine until you are able or willing to pay to repair your floor more permanently.

Speaking of keeping your floor pristine, an area rug is a great catch-all for the dust, dander, hair, and grit that so often leaves floors looking grungy. The best part about this is that it's far easier to throw a small rug in your washing machine or take a beater to it outside than it is trying to extract all of that mess out of a wall-to-wall carpet or get it off a hard-surface floor. Once again, this will allow your floors to last as long as possible.

Now, if you're not overly worried about the lifespan of your flooring, you might be concerned about comfort. Once again, area rugs are a homeowner's champion in this way. Adding one will make walking or standing on your floor much easier on your joints and will keep your feet warmer in the winter months. If that isn't enough to entice a Michigan homeowner, we don't know what is!

Finally, the most obvious reason to start adding area rugs to your home: style. Area rugs are an inexpensive and easy way to add some of your personal style to the home. This is perfect for homeowners who just don't have the budget to redo the floors in their house that they don't like. There are thousands options for you to choose in the way of area rugs out there, so you're bound to find something that you'll love!

Happy Flooring!

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