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Floor It Favorites: The Carpet Rake

Have you ever wondered how some people walk away from vacuuming their carpet without all of unsightly vacuum cleaner tracks that mark most floors? Or how a select few manage to own a shedding pet and a clean carpet at the same time? It's not a matter of luck or expensive cleaning supplies, but merely the consistent use of one of our favorite carpet-cleaning accessories: the carpet rake!

We'll be honest, this contraption is just about as ridiculous looking as it sounds, but it really does work wonders on your carpet. Use it before you vacuum and you can up the effectiveness of your cleaning session. The series of plastic needles on the end of the rake dig into your carpet fibers and aggravate any dirt or grit that might be hiding there. Imagine the amount of extra dirt that you'll be able to clear out with your vacuum that way! Your carpet will look amazing!

If you decide to use the carpet rake post-vacuum you can erase all evidence of your vacuum wheels scooting over the carpet. No more will you have to look at the evidence of your tedious labor. Your carpet will look fresh and fluffy and hassle-free! This is perhaps not the most vital reason to purchase a carpet rake, but the type-a in us finds it very appealing.

Finally, and perhaps the most tempting reason of all, a good carpet rake will become your champion in your fight against pet hair. All of those pesky, allergy-inducing strands of fur that get caught in your carpet fibers won't stand a chance against a good carpet rake. Dog, cat, long-haired guinea name it! The rake will make cleaning and keeping your house looking clean SO much easier!

Happy Flooring!

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