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Conversations You Need To Have When Considering a Floor

When people go to buy dogs, they put a lot of thought into which breed is best for them. Lifestyle, allergies, home type, and ages of all the family members play a part in the final decision. And just like an avid runner shouldn't bring a dachshund home, and a video game enthusiast should think twice before adopting a border collie, there are good and bad matches with floors and homeowners. It's not just about looks when it comes to floors.

There are a few conversations you should have with your flooring contractor, your significant other, and/or yourself before you end up choosing a new floor. The right floor is definitely out there for you, you just have to know what to look for.

1) What kind of floor will coordinate with the floors we already have?

Even the most fashionable flooring can look out of place if it negatively contrasts the other floors connected to it.

2) Are allergies going to be a problem?

Carpeting will wreak havoc on allergies as it has a tendency to cling to dust, pollen, and pet hair. Definitely consider a hard-surface floor that's easy to clean and won't hang on to allergens.

3) Is the floor going to be the only additional expense?

Look around your room to see if you'll need to remove/replace any trim that is already there. Will you have to repaint or redecorate after installing the new floor? Are you going to have it professionally installed? Make sure to budget accordingly.

4) How much time are we willing to spend on maintenance?

Every type of flooring requires regular maintenance, but some, like carpets and hardwood, require a little extra TLC. Think about whether or not you're up for the challenge.

5) How's the climate in the house?

Wood floors need a consistent climate to avoid warping or cupping. If the climate of your house changes regularly this might not be the right floor for you.

6) What is our ultimate goal for this investment?

Are you looking for a floor that is simply functional, easy to clean, stylish, or for a floor that will add resale value to your home? Knowing the ideal outcome of your investment will help you pick the perfect floor for your living space.

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