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Mix It Up: Carpet Tiles in the Home


Whenever you walk into a corporate building, a bank, hotel, airport, or any number of other businesses, your feet will often be welcomed by meticulously-placed carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are small squares of carpeting that are backed by vinyl, fiberglass, urethane, or woven polypropylene. This kind of tile is prized as a useful commodity for commercial buildings because of how easy it is to install and replace as needed. Building owners don't have to worry about wasting vast amounts of resources whenever new carpeting needs to be installed. You can see why this would be an advantage for businesses, right?

But have you ever thought about replacing your own floors at home with carpet tile? There are many people who don't even know this is an option, but we can tell you the trend is rising in popularity. More and more we are seeing homeowners putting a personal touch on their carpets by arranging the tiles to create designs and patterns of all kinds. Imagine the depth and texture that you can achieve with these decorative squares! With carpet tiles your imagination can run wild to achieve a home look that is uniquely you.

Aside from them being stylish and modern, the real draw of carpet tiles comes from how practical they are. First of all, they are easy to transport for installation. Instead of trying to lug around giant, lengthy roles of carpet, you can simply stack the tiles and go. Transporting them in your car is more efficient, and maneuvering through your house is a breeze. Not only is this great news for DIYers, but will earn you some brownie points if you hire professional installers to lay it down.

Removal is relatively easy as well. When needed, individual tiles can be taken out with minimal effort. This makes cleaning, repair, and replacement of carpet much less stressful, not to mention cheaper. Parents, pet owners, artists, and anyone with consistently heavy traffic moving through their house can now fix damaged areas of their carpet without having to change out the entire thing. A lot of money can be saved in the long run with this method of carpeting.

You're going to want to keep in mind that there will be a few cons with any floor you choose. For carpet tiles, the initial cost is often more expensive than what it is with a normal roll of carpet. Plus, if not done correctly, the seams between tiles become noticeable. If that's not a look you're okay with having in your home, you should talk to a flooring professional to help you choose an option that appeals to you more.

Aside from that, you really can't go wrong with carpet tiling. Eco-friendly, cost effective, and fashionable, these little squares can take your home to the next level. Go ahead. We dare you to spice things up!



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