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Calling All Pet Owners: Which Flooring is Your Best Option?

Being a pet parent means you want the best for your furry friend. However, your house needs new flooring soon, and you want to make sure it's a perfect match for yourself and your pet. You need something that is durable, that doesn't scratch easily, cleans well, and is a comfy napping place for your animal. But you have your own needs for stylish, clean, and accent flooring too.

So, which flooring options should you look to?

Let's take a look at a few flooring types and consider their suitability for pet habitats.

Stray away from carpet

While carpet may be the best napping spot for your pet, there are plenty of cons that outweigh that perk.

Carpet stains easily, as anyone can attest to, so any messes that an animal makes holds a higher probability of permanently staining the floor. Especially with fur, carpet is difficult to clean because they are always in need of vacuuming, and lingering messes can be hidden beneath endless pieces of yarn.

Perhaps the most treacherous on carpet is #1. When your furry friend can't wait for a bathroom break outdoors, your carpet and its underlay can be permanently stained and smelly. Overtime, this can ruin and breakdown the wood that may lay beneath your carpet, and now an overhaul of work needs to be done.

Instead of investing in carpet, we recommend shopping around for area rugs that are just as fluffy and soft for your pet to enjoy a snooze on.


Tile is a great option for pet owners! Its defense against water is a highlight of tile and why it's used in bathrooms. That being said, other types of wet messes that your pet can make aren't a danger to the tile floor itself either.

This type of flooring tends to be pretty scratch resistant as well.

However, tile has generally been used in areas like bathrooms and, sometimes, kitchens. Tile isn't known for being the go-to flooring option in living rooms or bedrooms, the most likely places that you and your pet hangout.

While you may consider tile in a living room, it does not retain heat well on its own and can be a chillingly cold surface in the winter. So, your pet may not embrace the tile as a suitable snoozing spot.

Another downside to tile is that it does not have great traction, especially when wet. Anyone who has slipped coming out of a shower can attest to that.


Laminate flooring is pretty durable when it comes to scratches and puppy paws. Laminate is also a breeze to clean It is also a cost-effective flooring style, which makes it a more attractive alternative when your heart is set on wood.

A downside for your pet home, laminate planks contain a cardboard-like core, making them susceptible to water damage. So, plenty little accidents over time can harm this type of flooring.

Unfortunately for your pet, laminate offers poor traction. And, when your floor is wet, this becomes an even bigger hazard for older dogs or any precious items your pet may run into during their gliding.

Vinyl: Your best option for your best friend

Vinyl flooring reigns supreme for pet owners for its overall durability. This type of flooring has a layer on its surface that resists scratches, and even claw marks. And, as a plus for you, vinyl can come in many colors and designs, giving you flexibility on style while not compromising on functionality.

Possibly its most appealing factor, vinyl flooring is waterproof, meaning that your pet's trip in a rainstorm isn't hazardous for your brand new floors. Now, that little accident in your living room is just one quick and easy clean away from looking freshly installed again.

Unlike hardwood that may need refinishing, vinyl flooring is a low maintenance option for your home. And, it can last you up to 20 years, making it a smart yet long-term option for you and your pet traffic.


Considering what your flooring will deal with on a regular basis is important for any homeowner.

Before you cover your entire house in carpet, take a second to remember all of the little accidents your furry friend has had in your home.


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