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Best Way to Clean Engineered Floors

Keep your new flooring investment beautiful by keeping up on cleaning routines!


What you will need:

1. A soft broom and dustpan or a vacuum

2. Slightly damp mop

3. Manufacturer-approved cleaning product


How to clean:

1. To begin, use your soft broom, or vacuum without a rotating bar brush, to gather any dirt or debris scattered around the floor.

2. Next, take a slightly damp mop, and go around your room to remove any left over debris on the floors.

- If there is any excess water on the floor, soak it up with a dry towel. Any pooling of water on engineered flooring is not good.

3. Finally, for extra tough spots, go in with a manufacturer-approved cleaning spot to properly clean up the mess.



Vinegars as cleaners

A steam cleaner

A wet mop


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