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The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

We haven't even reached the middle of November and already we've seen a few good days of snowy weather. It's officially time to start bringing back the snow boots and winter jackets. But as the weather is cooling down we're going to be warming things up with a Floor Tip Thursday underfloor heating series this month! We'll be going over the benefits, types, installation process, and expenses involved with underfloor heating (UFH) systems, and we couldn't be more excited about it.

Let's start with all of the things that make UFH a fantastic choice for just about anyone.

First of all, underfloor heating is a highly effective way to keep a room, or even your whole house, warm! That's right, these amazing systems are not just for keeping your toes toasty; heat travels up, after all. With a good underfloor heating system you can even can replace the need of radiators in your home with the added bonus of being able to control which parts of your home get the heat.

Having that much control over where heat is received and being able to replace your radiator means that you are freeing up valuable space on your floor and wall. This aesthetically pleasing benefit leaves you with the option to decorate and add furniture more freely, and removes the need to dust yet another surface. That's a benefit we can get behind!

In addition to saving you time and space, underfloor heating can save you - you guessed it - money! Depending on whether you get a dry/electric UFH system or a wet/water UFH system (we will go over the difference in another blog) you can end up spending a lot less in energy bills. Unlike traditional radiators, UFH systems can be set at a relatively low temperature and still heat an entire room effectively. We should tell you that the process of installing UFH, while often less intrusive than it sounds, can be a bit expensive to install; but you will end up thanking yourself later on when your energy bills aren't as grizzly to look at.

Last but certainly not least, there are no cold spots with underfloor heating! Gone are the days of being confined to that five foot black of space closest to the heater in order to stay warm because UFH systems are able to distribute heat evenly throughout a room. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you can enjoy luxurious warmth from your toes to the top of your head. And let's face it, in Michigan this is incredible news!

Want to learn more about underfloor heating and what it could mean for your home? Come back next Thursday for our next underfloor heating blog!

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