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Contractor Quiz: Do I Need One?

Whether or not you should take on a flooring project yourself can be a difficult decision. Flooring is no small fix for most people, and the price can seem steep when you look at it initially. Why pay for something that you could do yourself, right?

Maybe you're just the type of person who likes to try new things, or the kind who enjoys a challenge. That's great! Maybe DIY really is a good option for you, but it's not for everyone. Plus, DIY project require different investments than professional flooring, but they can be just as costly. So before you decide on which direction you should take, you ought to have some idea of what you could be getting yourself into. To help you with that choice, here is a quiz you 'll want to take before pulling out your tool box.

1) Do you have a significant amount of time to spend on this project?

A) No, my schedule is busy and my time is valuable.

B) Yes, I have time to spare.

2) Is your floor a standard rectangle or square?

A) No, it's a different, more complex shape.

B) Yes, it has no more than those four classic corners.

3) Are you an experienced DIY-er?

A) Not really. I've done a few small projects in the past, but not much else.

B) Yes! I love DIY projects big and small.

4) How much experience do you have with power tools?

A) Little to none.

B) Are you kidding? My drill is practically an extension of my arm!

5) Would your friends describe you as a patient person?

A) In some areas, perhaps, but not when it comes to building projects.

B) Calm, cool, and collected. That's me!

6) Are you willing to live with a cosmetically imperfect product if any mistakes are made?

A) Absolutely not. I want my dream home to look like a Pintrest board.

B) Imperfections add character. I'm fine with that.

7) How long are you hoping your floor will last?

A) As long as possible. I can't afford to replace it any time soon.

B) Honestly, I might like to change things up in a few years anyway, so it's no big deal if it's not perfect.

8) Are you familiar with the flooring process/how to install floors?

A) I can't say that I am. Home renovations are new to me.

B) Yes, I've worked extensively on flooring projects in the past / Not really, but can do a lot of research if I have to.

9) Do you have backup funds if you hit a roadblock in your DIY plans?

A) No, I have a fixed budget that I have to work around.

B) Don't worry. I've set aside some cash just in case.

10) How much of the equipment you need to install a floor do you already have?

A) If I install it myself I'll have to rent or buy some of the equipment.

B) I've got it all covered. That's one less expense I have to worry about.

11) Do you have children? Is there a plan to keep them out of harms way during the installation process?

A) Yes, I have precious little ones. I'll probably have to pay for a babysitter whenever my spouse isn't home to watch them.

B) No kids here. / My kiddos are old enough to care for themselves.


If you answered mostly A's: It would probably be best for you to consider a flooring contractor. You like a sure bet, and you can't get any more sure than a trained professional to guarantee you come out of this experience with the best product possible. We promise that the return you get on your investment will be well worth every penny, especially if you go with an experienced company like Floor It Grand Rapids (hint, hint!)

If you answered mostly B's: You, my friend, might be one of the few who would do well with a DIY project. How nice is that? Just remember you can always call a professional if you have questions or need help. We want to make sure your floor looks amazing!

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