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5 Installation Myths Debunked

We've been talking a lot about all of the mistruths people believe about different kinds of flooring, but nothing about the people installing those floors. Homeowners can be hesitant when deciding whether or not to hire an outside contractor to install their new floor. But is that hesitancy justifiable? Keep reading to find out.

1. All Professionals are Professional

While they usually have some sort of protocol for working with your floor, not all flooring companies have a protocol for working with you. There are many variables in our line of business that can force us to change our schedules or how we go about installing your floor, and your contractor needs to be a master of communication through all of that. He or she should tell you when things change, how they change, how their team plans on fixing the problem, and whether or not it will require an extra cost. Your contractor should also know how to keep things neat, safe, and out of the way for the sake of your family.

As straight-forward as this should be, not everyone is great with this. Always check what other customers have to say about the contractor your considering (with the understanding that customer reviews can be biased), and pay close attention to how your interactions with the contractor go during the pre-flooring stage to ensure you're working with a team that acts as professional as they claim to be.

2. You Will Save Money by Installing the Floor Yourself

Unless you have extensive knowledge about flooring and already own all of the tools you will need to install your floor, chances are that you won't be saving a significant amount of money. Tools are expensive, and a lack of experience can lead to costly mistakes. Even if you do save a good amount of money, the time it will take you to thoroughly research how to install the type of floor you want properly and the extra hours you will have to spend learning on the job may not be worth it to you. Plus, if flooring isn't something you enjoy you'll pay for the process with stress. You just have to decide what is most valuable to you.

3. Contractors Always Come with a Plan

We would hope that this is the case with your contractor, but before you hire someone you need to make sure he or she has an organized, structured plan for installing your floor. You don't have to understand all of it, but you want to make sure that they have one. There's no point in paying a "professional" who hasn't given your home enough attention to come up with an idea for operation execution.

4. All Flooring Contractors are Great at Installing All Floors

There is a large margin between good and great, and while many contractors are good at installing each type of floor on the market, every one of us has our specialties. For example, one might be fantastic at installing carpeting with flawless seams but has a problem making tile even and so on. Do your homework before hiring someone for your floor so that you can get the best results and build their reputation while you're at it.

5. Pictures and Reviews are Enough to Go By

As we mentioned earlier, customer reviews can help if you take them with a grain of salt. Look at all the comments for patterns that will give you a general consensuses about the contractor. Then take a look at pictures of the contractor's work and see if it fits what you imagine for your home. Once your done with that, make sure your contractor is licensed and insured. These will ensure that both you and your contractor are protected should something happen.

Happy Flooring!

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