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5 Tile Myths Debunked

1. Tile is Hard to Maintain

With the exception of natural stone tiles, tile floors don't require any particularly strenuous maintenance. And honestly even the natural stone tiles are pretty low-maintenance if you decide to seal them properly. If you're good about sweeping regularly, as well mopping and thoroughly drying your tiles every two weeks or so you shouldn't have to worry about your floors.

2. All Tile Needs to be Sealed

The point of sealing your tiles is to make them water-resistant, and most ceramic, glass, and porcelain tiles come that way when you buy them. Natural stone tiles are usually the ones you have to think about sealing because their porous surface makes them susceptible to water damage. It's also a good idea to seal the grout between your tiles to protect your floor, avoid water damage and mold, and extend the life of your grout and tile.

3. Tile Will Hurt Your Budget

There are pricey options for every kind of flooring you can think of, but there are also budget-friendly options for each kind as well. Tile is no exception. If you are a bit more flexible with the kind of tile you're willing to use on your floor, shower, or backsplash and can compromise on the pattern you want it laid in, you can easily add tile to your home. Save where you can on tile type and labor.

4. Imitation Wood and Stone Tile is Ugly

Not so! Today's flooring technology is able to create gorgeous, detailed stone and wood patterns on tile. No more of that fuzzy-looking garbage of yesteryear! If you want a floor that looks like wood or stone but performs like tile, you can get one that you can be proud of!

5. Tile is Waterproof

There is a common misunderstanding that tile is completely waterproof. While it is true that tile is great for use in bathrooms and kitchen, it is not naturally protected from water. Both your tile and your grout needs to be properly waterproofed (check out our blog about waterproofing!) before getting wet.

Happy Flooring!

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