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"How Often Should I..." Carpet Edition

Routine upkeep is essential for keeping your carpets soft, fluffy, and clean. Without proper care, your carpet could end up looking trampled and dirty at best. At worst, it could trap allergens or develop hazardous mold beneath the fibers that prove to be harmful to your family. The good news here is that it's fairly easy to avoid these problems and get more for your money in regards to your carpet. You just need to know what kinds of care treatments are required by carpeting and how often they need to be done. From there you can set up a maintenance routine that will set your floor up for a long, beautiful stay in your home!

How Often Should I Vacuum?

In order to keep your carpet in good condition, you really should be vacuuming the entirety of it at least twice a week. Far too many people wait until their carpet starts to show signs of being dirty to break out their vacuum, but this is a big mistake. Dirt, moisture, dander, dust, and hair/fur are all constantly present substances that build up below the surface of your carpet fibers and can start to wear them down if left uncleaned.

How Often Should I Shampoo?

Deep cleaning your carpet is important for ensuring all of the nasty, unseen offenders hiding in your carpet get taken care of. As helpful as vacuum cleaners are, they aren't able to reach everything. We recommend setting some time aside once a year to thoroughly deep clean your carpeting. If you live in a household with pets, kids, or a lot of foot traffic, you may want to bump up that number to twice or even three times a year to be safe. Not only is this good for your carpet, but it will make your carpet safer for little ones and fur family members to spend time on the floor playing or sleeping.

How Often Should I Replace?

As much as we wish they would, carpets don't last forever and a day will come when yours will have to be replaced. That day is hard to generalize with a specific number of years because when you need to replace your carpeting is dependent on how old it is, how often it is used, and how good its quality is. A well-made carpet could last upwards of fifteen years, while a less expensive choice may only have a lifespan of five. You can also keep an eye out for red flags to determine when it's time to replace your carpet. If you notice considerable wear, discoloration, smell, or patchy areas in your carpeting, it may be time to start shopping for something new.

Happy Flooring!

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