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5 Home Trends That You Are Going to Love

On the hunt for a new look? You'll love these trendy floor ideas!

Plastic Tiles in the Garage

Concrete floors are an eyesore, and it can be tricky to get them to look good with paint. Good thing there's a fashionable and innovative way to spruce up your work/car space! Rubber or plastic tiles are a fantastic flooring alternative for your garage. They're easy to clean, stylish, and allow plenty of room for customization. The best part? They're budget friendly!

Eco-Friendly Flooring

Green is the new black, and now it's easier than ever to "go green" with your flooring. By opting for flooring made from natural or recycled materials, you can help the planet and give yourself the piece of mind that comes with the knowing you've made a great choice. Popular materials include reclaimed wood, cork, bamboo, or even engineered wood. All are great choices!


Mosaics are back and we couldn't be more excited! Add some visual interest to your bathroom or kitchen with a unique pattern in your tile. The possibilities of making your floor 100% unique to you are endless with this method and will definitely catch the eye of anyone who walks in and sees your floor.

Tiles that Look Like Wood

Hardwood floors a classic choice that always look good, but they do require some extra maintenance and are unable to be used in rooms where the humidity levels cannot be controlled, like kitchens or bathrooms. But now that there are tiles that look like wood, people are jumping on board and loving the look of wood boards in these hard-to-control rooms! The end result of a wood-look tile in a bathroom is stunning, easy to clean, and works with a multitude of styles.

Black and White

Finally, black and white patterns are back! Flooring that features crisp black and white patterns are rising in popularity as homeowners begin to renew their love for vintage touches in the home. This style is great because it compliments a wide variety of color schemes and can be dressed up or down depending on your personal preference.

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