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How to Make a Cozy Room Look Large

We've covered tactics for making an overwhelmingly large room look more inviting, but what about those tiny rooms in your house that just seem to box you in? You know, the ones described as being "cozy" or "quaint". Often these are bedrooms or small offices, so these rooms do get used frequently and need to be comfortable. Decorating can definitely make a big difference in how big a room feels, so let's take a look at some styling tips that will help this situation:

1. Lighten Up

Dark, rich colors will quickly close a room in visually, so opt for brighter colors like white, yellow, or pale green when selecting wall paint, furniture, or carpeting. Choosing a light grey or pine for other hardwood/vinyl/tile/laminate is a good option for flooring as well.

2. Reflections are Your Friends

Reflective surfaces do wonders for making any room feel brighter. You can use reflective floor finishes, furniture, and even metallic paint. Take this a step further by adding a large accent mirror on one of the walls of the room to make the space feel bigger.

3. Make the Room Feel Tall

Think vertical. Use floor-to-ceiling curtains to dress your windows and opt for shorter, unassuming furniture so that the extra space above it gives the illusion of a taller ceiling. You can also install some hanging light bulbs to emphasize the effect.

4. Keep it Simple and Small

The extravagant or overstuffed furniture that is usually used to make a room more cozy will look overwhelming in a tiny room. By choosing sleek, minimalist furniture you can avoid this decorating faux pas. Don't worry, there is plenty of furniture in this category that is just as comfortable as your favorite Lazy Boy.

5. Choose Your Floors Carefully

You know we had to end on this one!

Like we mentioned earlier, bright colors for a room like this is always a great choice, but color isn't the only factor that can add or take away from the illusion of the room looking bigger. Texture has a lot to do with it too. Unfortunately, carpeting does not have a surface texture that lends itself to the illusion. Instead, try for hardwood or laminate planks. This will give the room an airy feel while accentuating the "vertical effect" we're going for.

Happy Flooring!

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