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Sand: The Enemy and How to Get Rid of It

With the summer sun sending the heat index into the 90s this month, more and more families are heading to the beach in an effort to cool down. And what better way is there to spend a hot summer day than splashing around in the cool waters of Lake Michigan, catching a few rays, or taking advantage of how much sweeter ice cream tastes when eaten outside? A single day at the beach can leave you with memories that stick with you for years to come.

Unfortunately, a day of memories isn't the only thing that goes home with you. Sand finds a way to as well. It latches on to your clothes, your skin, your beach toys, towels, and hair, leaving you to track it into your home and onto your floor. At best, this is annoying, but sand can cause bigger issues down the road.

More than just a nuisance?

Don't get us wrong, sand is nice, but it can wreak havoc on your floors! Your carpeting and hardwood floors are particularly susceptible to damage.

Take hardwood floors, for instance. When sand is tracked onto a hardwood floor and left there it is automatically put in a position to wear your floor and your finish down. The sand by itself does not present too much cause for alarm, but as soon as people start walking over the sand, friction is created and kick-starts a...well...sanding effect (the term sandpaper wasn't chosen just because it sounded nice). Not only will your floors look bad, but the integrity of the natural wood is compromised.

Then you have carpeting, which is a much more unexpected victim. Not only can sand get caught in the depths of your carpet fibers, but it can wear down those fibers once it's there. As if that weren't enough, it will also absorb any spills or splashes that take place (think kitty litter). Having that moisture locked into your carpet means odors and bacteria buildup. How gross is that?

Keep it at the beach.

In order to make sure that the sand you bring home doesn't have the chance to affect your floors, go through this checklist of de-sanding actions:

  • Take shoes off outside and leave them there

  • Rinse off and dry sandy feet before entering the home

  • Brush off any sand that is stuck to your body

  • Shake sand off of towels and clothes while at the beach and transport them to your laundry room in a bag

  • Keep a brush doormat at the door and use it regularly

  • Vacuum at least once a week and after every beach trip

  • Sweep your floor a few times a week

  • If the problem is really bad, have a professional come out to clean your floor

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