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How to Avoid Sun Damage on Your Patio Furniture

What a beautiful, sunny day we've been given today! It seems that we're getting one day closer to some consistency with this sunshine after months of waiting!

The one downside to all of this sunlight is an effect known as photobleaching. This is when exposure to the sun causes a material's color to fade over time. It's a pretty common problem with patio furniture, and now that your patio is stripped and re-stained thanks to last week's blog, we can't have your outdoor furniture looking shabby! Here are a few things you can do to avoid the issue:

1. Buy furniture made of wood, metal, or stone instead of plastic. While it is the cheapest option for patio furniture, plastic is particularly susceptible to photobleaching.

2. Get furniture that is easy to stow away. Folding chairs and picnic tables will stay looking great for a long time if you're diligent about storing them out of the sun after use.

3. Make use of your shed or garage during seasons that don't require the use of your patio furniture. Store your furniture to keep it nice for summer.

4. If you plan on painting your patio furniture, try looking for a water and UV ray resistant paint. Paints with these qualifications are literally designed to protect your furniture for as long as possible. It's not a permanent solution, but it will definitely help.

5. Try a retractable awning. Not only will this keep those sun rays off your furniture, but it will give you some respite from the heat as well!

6. Plan for your patio. Pay attention to where the sun hits your patio during the day. If you can, place your furniture in the areas that receive the least amount of light.

Happy flooring and enjoy the sunshine!

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