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3 Home Remedies for Water Stains

Every person has one. That one friend or family member who just can't seem to remember to use a coaster when they set down their icy beverage covered in condensation. You can tell them fifty times to keep their drinks off the table or wood floor, but the request won't register in their minds. You love them to death, and yet they leave you tempted to repeal their invitation to your next social gathering.

Sadly, we can't tell you how to fix your friend. People who don't use coasters tend to be pretty set in that nasty habit. What we can do is tell you how to remove the evidence of water stains from your wood floor or furniture, saving your friendship and giving you peace of mind. Here are our 3 favorite ways to get the job done:

1. Toothpaste

What you need:

Toothpaste (not gel)

3 clean cloths


Furniture Polish

How to:

Apply a bit of toothpaste to the watermark and gently rub it into the spot with a clean cloth. Wipe the remaining toothpaste with second cloth. Make sure this cloth is slightly damp for this part. Once the area is dry you can apply your furniture polish to finish the job.

2. Olive Oil and Vinegar

What you need:

Olive oil


2 clean cloths


How to:

Remove water stains with a combination of olive oil and vinegar. Going with the grain, rub an equal mixture of both into the spot with a clean cloth. Polish the end result with your second cloth. If a white mark remains you can soak a sponge in white vinegar and dab the spot until it is gone.

3. Vaseline

What you need:


A clean cloth

How to:

That Petroleum jelly jar that's been sitting in your medicine cabinet for the past 8 months untouched can be useful with water rings/stains! Rub the goop onto the spot and let it sit for 12-24 hours. When that time is up you just have to wipe away the excess with a clean cloth. Done!

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