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Most Important List For Your Floor

Have any of the following floors? Here's what you need to make it last as long as possible!

Hardwood Kit

Vacuum Cleaner with Soft Brush Extension - Vacuum your floors at least once a week

Soft, Lint Free Cloths - for cleaning, oiling, etc.

Glass or Wood Cleaner - use in small amounts to get rid of dirt

Wood Filler - to repair deep scratches and gouges

Walnuts or Stain Marker - for touching up light scratches

Laminate Kit

Microfiber Mop - to apply laminate cleaner

Laminate Cleaner - you'll want to get some of this, well, to clean your laminate

Soft Bristle Broom or Dust Mop - for regular maintenance and getting rid of dust and debris

Window Coverings - to prevent sunlight and heat from harming your floors

Vinyl Survival Kit

Floor Mat - to keep dirt and chemicals from being tracked onto your floor

Soft Broom - to sweep up daily

Warm Water - when a broom isn't doing the job, use some warm water to clean up the mess

No-Wax Cleaner - make sure to pick a cleaner specifically made for your floor

Tile Kit

Broom or Vacuum - for daily care

Damp Mop - you'll want to lightly mop the floor at least once a week

All-Purpose Cleaner - to rid your tile of soap residue and mildew

Carpet Kit

High Quality Vacuum - to get as much dirt and grime out as possible

Spot cleaner - spills will happen, so be prepared

Wet-Dry Vac - buy one, rent one, or get a professional to help, but you should give your carpets a deep cleaning at least once a year

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