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Floor It Favorites: Wet-Dry Vac

Calling all carpet owners! If you have kids, pets, allergies, or family members prone to falling, this is for you!!! Wet-dry vacuums are amazing tools that take cleaning your floors to the next level. We're talking a deep, thorough clean that you just won't get with normal vacuum cleaners. If you've never experienced using one before, take a look at why you should change that A.S.A.P:

For starters, wet-dry vacuums take care of all the pollutants and allergy-triggers that standard vacuum cleaners miss. The use of water and the added feature of being able to suction said water up means that your pulling out all of the hard-to-reach pollutants that get trapped in the lowest parts of your carpet fibers. And you know what that means? Cleaner, fresher air that will allow you to breathe more easily!

If allergies are not a concern, perhaps spills are. We go on and on in these blogs about how difficult it can be to thoroughly clean carpet stains and spills because a large part of whatever seeps into your carpet stays there. Not only is this disgusting, but it can lead to some bigger issues. Unpleasant odor, mildew, and even mold can eventually accompany the ruined spot. Thankfully, the power of a wet-dry vacuum can lift any of the liquid left from your spill and free you from those problems.

Finally, wet-dry vacuums are often much more versatile than what people give them credit for. Not only can they be used an extra-strong vacuum that cleans both wet and dry messes, but they can also be used to unclog sinks/pipes, clean fireplaces, inflate anything that would normally need an air pump, and even remove snow from your sidewalks! For something that usually costs, weighs, and takes up less space than a normal vacuum cleaner you are getting one powerful multi-purpose tool! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and buy yourself a wet-dry vac! Your floor will thank you for it!

Happy Flooring!

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