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Floor It Favorites: The Dry Mop

When you take a peek into your cleaning closet, what do you see? Maybe a broom, polishes, various cleaners, a mop, a duster...the list goes on. But if a dry mop is not on that list and you own a hardwood floor, you are missing out! Dry mopping (also known as dust mopping) is an effective and easy way to rid your floor of debris regularly.

Dry mops are a fantastic alternative to a normal broom. Because they are typically made with a microfiber cloth head, they attract and trap the dirt that a broom would normally just scoot around your floor. This is especially helpful with the really fine dirt that is so easy to miss. As if that weren't good enough, that same microfiber head is usually detachable, which means you can wash them and replace them as needed for a more sanitary clean.

The microfiber end of this device isn't the only thing that makes it appealing for most homeowners, though. Most dust mops are versatile in their use as well! You will often find that the end of the mop swivels to allow for an easy clean; a handy feature that makes even the tightest spots more accessible. But that's not all! Modern dry mops also have adjustable handles that can extend so you can use your dry mop to dust walls, high ceilings, and other hard-to-reach spaces in your home.

However, even if you're only looking for a one-purpose cleaning tool for your floor, we still urge you to buy yourself a dry mop. If nothing else, it really is the safest way to clean your beautiful hardwood floors. You will be able to make them shine without worrying about vacuum wheels scratching the surface or any dirt being left behind to wear your floor down over time. Your floors deserve that extra care, so why not spend the few extra dollars on a dry mop? We know you won't regret it.

Happy Flooring!

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