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Why is Carpet Padding Important?

Unseen by the observing eye and often overlooked, quality carpet padding is an important part of wall-to-wall carpet installation. What people usually don't know when they're choosing carpeting, however, is why having good carpet padding is so important. There are a few major reasons we want to give you before you make a final decision for your new floor:

1. Sound

Carpet padding is great for moderating sound in a room. Yes, a carpet will do this on its own to some extent, but good padding will take sound control to the next level. This is particularly important for large rooms that would otherwise produce a lot of reverberations and echoes, as well as rooms upper-level rooms. Your ears will be much more comfortable with the addition of carpet padding.

2. Comfort

It goes without saying, but the addition of carpet padding makes walking on your floor much more enjoyable. Comfortably cushioning your joints with every step, a good carpet pad will protect you from irritated ankle, knee, back and hip pain. For anyone who suffers from these kinds of aches, it is well-worth it to invest in thicker padding.

3. Warmth

The more space you're able to keep between your feet and your floor, the warmer you're going to be. How good is that news for your chilled Michigan winter feet? But in addition to keeping your feet warmer, you will also be keeping your entire room warmer by installing carpet padding. This amazing material is insulating and has the ability to reduce the amount of heat that is able pass through the bottom of your floor. No more drafty rooms for you!

4. Cleaning

Did you know that carpet padding allows you to clean your carpet more thoroughly? It's true! Since your carpet won't have to be applied directly to your subfloor, your vacuum is able to lift the carpet slightly from the padding which picks up more of the sneeze-inducing allergens that plague the people affected by them.

5. Protection

The most important thing carpet padding will do for you is protect your investment. Carpeting, like all flooring, is not particularly cheap and it can wear out quickly in high-traffic areas. The pad you put beneath your carpet will keep the bottom of your carpet from wearing out and helps protect your floors from the weight of heavy furniture. In short, it will make your carpet last longer.

So, now that you know a few of the reasons why carpet padding is important, it's up to you to ask your flooring contractor which carpet padding is right for you. For further information about carpet padding, check out our blog from Tuesday!

Happy Flooring!

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