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Life Hacks for Floor Touch-Ups

#1: No More Surface Scratches

Using nothing but a walnut (almonds, pecans, and Brazil nuts work too) you can repair surface scratches in your hardwood floor! Rub the walnut over the scratch at a diagonal, then warm the area by going over it with your finger. Wait a few minutes for the natural oils of the nut to soak into the wood. Finish things off by gently going over the now invisible scratch with a soft, dry cloth. Voila!

*Note: this will only work for shallow scratches, and only with floors made of genuine wood.

#2: Restore Brightness to You Grout!

If the grout between your tiles starts to look dingy you can't just sit there and wish the grime away. Apply a mixture of shaving cream and lemon juice to your grout, then simply scrub it with a toothbrush! It really is the little things that count toward an approving nod from picky house critics.

#3: Make Your Vinyl Look New!

Vinyl floors are known for being practical, but they can also add a lot of character to your house if treated properly. Restore some of the original luster to your vinyl by mixing one cup of apple cider vinegar, one gallon of hot water, and a few drops of baby oil together. Spread it over the floor and then grab a damp mop to clean it all up. It's time to shine!

#4: Love the Smell of Your Carpet!

Essential oils have been an ever-growing trend in recent years. People everywhere are using them as a substitute for perfume, for pain relief, to cure colds, and to enjoy the pleasures of aroma therapy. Well, your carpet can benefit from them too! Add 10-25 drops of your favorite oils with a 16-ounce box of baking soda. Mix it all together to create your own carpet deodorizer. When you're ready to make your room smell amazing, just shake some of the concoction onto the floor, wait a few minutes, and vacuum it up.

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