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Beat Polar Vortex Boredom!

It's been about a week since we've all had to bunker down and do our best to stay warm...inside our homes....without going outside...FOR DAYS!

If you're like us, you're probably starting to get a little stir crazy from being stuck indoors this whole time. This is especially true if you have children home from school. Warmer weather is on the way (supposedly), but until then here are three ways to beat boredom with your kids:

Low-Energy Activities:

1. Scribble: Draw a few random lines and squiggles on pieces of paper and have your kids use their imaginations to draw a picture using those lines. You can even give them a "goal" (i.e. make a monster, animal, or magical creature with these) or have them come up with stories for their creations. Join them in their artistic endeavors for extra fun quality time.

2. Magical Potluck: Come up with a few creative names for food and write them down on pieces of paper. Things like unicorn stew, dragon bread, space panini, or race car pizza. Take out whatever ingredients you're willing to use and place them on your table where they can easily be seen by your kiddos. From there you can put the names in a hat and have your children draw out a name. Let them brainstorm how to use the offered ingredients to make a creation that fits the name. You can either choose to have them draw their dream dish and help them make it, OR you can keep the ingredients to snack foods and have them make their own snack time creations.

3. I Spy Jar: Fill a glass jar or vase with as many tiny trinkets as you can find. Rubber bands, little toys, jewelry, dry pasta, etc. Name an item and see who finds it first. You can shake the jar to move items around between each round.

4. Blanket Fort: This one is an oldie but a goodie no matter who you are. Switch up the scenery for your kids by making an extra special blanket fort for them. You can even give it a theme like the jungle or space. Fill it with games, toys, and books to keep your kids entertained and quiet for a all day.

High-Energy Activities:

1. Obstacle Course: Grab pillows, boxes, blankets, chairs, and laundry baskets for building the ultimate indoor obstacle course. Number each obstacle and watch your kids go. You can even energize the atmosphere with some cool music!

2. Color Blind Scavenger Hunt: Pick a color and have your kids venture off to find as many objects as they can in that color. Set a timer raise the stakes and get them moving.

3. Walk the Line: Place painter's tape down on your floor in long lines about a foot apart. Your goal here is to make something similar to a crosswalk. Make as many lines as you'd like. Then have your kids take on a series of challenges. Who can jump the farthest? Who can take the biggest steps? Make it across all the lines on one foot? Come up with as many energy-burning challenges as you can!

Hope this brings you plenty of fun memories as you wait out warmer days. Happy flooring, everyone!

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