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Floors vs. Garlic Butter: A Cautionary Tale

With all of the holiday excitement and/or stress just beginning to simmer down, we thought we should keep things light this week. Perhaps a little comic relief along with a good lesson? This story comes to us all the way from the little town of Pinckney, Michigan:

Imagine this, if you will. A family of seven finally heading home after a long day of errands and stressful Christmas shopping. Too tired to bother preparing a home-cooked meal, they decide to pick up dinner on the way back. The stars aligned that night, and the family was actually able to agree on what they would like to eat. Their supper would be comprised of juicy prime rib steaks, baked potatoes, veggies, and hot rolls from their favorite steakhouse. With a meal like that, the evening was sure to be the quiet respite they all needed after their outing.

With whetted appetites the family carried the bags heavy with food over the threshold and into the kitchen where they could distribute the meals. Everything smelled amazing! Each family member filled their plate to the brim and quickly found their seat at the dining room table. In their rush, however, they forgot to put away all the sides and condiments that remained. This would've been of little consequence had the family pets, two young and particularly tall golden retrievers, not taken notice of the neglected leftovers.

The tallest dog made quick works of relieving the kitchen counter of the contents he almost desired. He selected a large, greasy ball of fresh garlic butter and knocked it to the ground. The younger dog, taking full advantage of the situation, snagged the butter and jetted off to the living room. His older brother followed close behind and joined the puppy on the carpet for their evening snack. Sadly for the golden culprits, their luck only lasted a few good licks before the family caught on to their schemes and took back the butter. What the family didn't realize was that those few licks were enough to cause a much bigger problem.

Every taste the dogs managed to sneak pushed the butter deeper into the carpet they had been feasting upon. Even after a thorough cleaning, traces of the garlic-infused dairy treat remained in the carpet fibers. The mess remained unseen to the human eye, but the present canine noses proved to be more perceptive. The family would soon finish their dinner and come back to a big, gaping hole chewed straight through the middle of their beautiful white carpet!

Needless to say, our friends are currently in an active search for the perfect carpet to replace the destroyed one at the moment. We have no doubt that they will be more diligent in both keeping food away from their mischievous dogs and carefully researching how to clean up any substance off of any floor surface that they're not familiar with.

Do you have a story that you'd like to share? Send us a message or leave it in the comments below!

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