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DIY Fireplace Cleaner

If there were a list of most enchanting winter traditions, lighting a warm, crackling fire would definitely make it into the top five. Seriously, there is nothing that will make you feel more cozy or at home than that golden glow in your fireplace. But did you know that a fireplace left uncleaned and soot-covered can turn toxic? What a way to put a damper on your holiday atmosphere.

To help, we have an easy, DIY solution that is sure to get you back in the holiday spirit in no time!

Step 1: Cool Things Down

Allow your fireplace to cool for at least 24 hours after your last fire before you start to clean.

Step 2: Go Shopping

Head out and buy the essentials. Safety goggles, gloves, face mask, old clothes, kneeling pad, trash bag and a plastic tarp to protect your carpet. Cleaning a fireplace gets messy real quickly.

For the homemade cleaner, you will need 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar and some water. That's it!

Fireplace Hack: You can minimize the mess and your chances of inhaling any ashes by covering them with coffee grounds first.

Step 3: Sweep and Scrub

Use a fireplace brush to police up the walls and base of your fireplace. Sweep the debris into a dustpan and get rid of it!

Once you're done, use a nylon brush to scrub the walls from the top to the bottom. Use some all-purpose spray first, then your homemade mix.

Step 4: Start on the Mantle

A fireplace mantle can be made of a few different kinds of material, but most can be cleaned by spraying a bit of water onto the surface and wiping it clean with a cloth or scrub brush. Follow up with some mantle cleaner for a beautiful, clean look.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

You'll want to make sure that the grates in your fireplace and the tools used to clean the fireplace look good too, right? You have two options here. For a quick clean, simply spray some mantle cleaner on both and wipe them down with a paper towel. If you're looking for a more thorough job, take both outside and scrub them with a nylon brush before rinsing them with water. Get an extra gleam with some metal cleaner. Good as new!

That's it! Now you can enjoy a toasty fire, some hot chocolate, and a good book as you wind down for the holidays!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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