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Handy Christmas Gifts You Never Knew You Needed

Christmas is fast approaching, and the hunt for the perfect present has begun! This year we want to make sure your favorite home owner, handy man/woman, or flooring contractor is taken care of, so here is a list of our top 10 favorite gifts to get this year! Just click on the titles to take a closer look!

We often preach about the importance of keeping water off your floor to avoid a wide variety of issues. This bath mat is not only super soft and fun to look at, but it is very absorbent and will dry quickly to ensure your floors stay dry and your mat stays mildew-free! Plus, it comes in a good variety of colors so it will blend in effortlessly with any color scheme.

This gift is sure to be a hit with anyone who suffers from frozen-winter-feet syndrome. Imagine sitting at your desk or playing with the little ones on the floor and having a delightfully warm carpet underneath you. This is especially helpful for those with tile floors that never seem to get warm. The only reason it's not further down on our list is the price. It's not an inexpensive gift, but one that your recipient will get a lot of use out of.

Who needs a clunky tool box when all you need a bucket and one of these special liners? Contractors can tell you how great these things are to have on a job, making your tools more accessible and easier to spot.

Every DIYer doing major renovations in their home needs to protect their eyes from the inevitable dust and debris that they'll encounter. These heavy-duty goggles are perfect for the job. They won't fog up and will keep your face nice and cool in the process of working on your home.

When door mats just don't cut it, this shoe brush gets the job done! With the snow, salt, and mud that comes with our Michigan winters, we have to take extra measures to protect our floors. This thing will get the gunk off your shoe that no door mat will.

Keeping your floor clear of runaway toys and providing you kids with a soft, safe place to play? Yes please! This play mat is perfect for infants and toddlers to unleash their creativity without ruining your floors. And just look at how stylish it is!

More attractive and just as handy as a traditional yellow "Caution Wet Floor" sign, this black and white sign will keep your family away from messes and freshly mopped floors until you're able to finish cleaning. Not to mention it's fun to say you have one.

How cute is this little microfiber lion? For just $10 you can show up to your next Christmas party with an adorable, fun, handy gift that anyone who enjoys a clean house will love.

If anyone you know is planning to do work on their floors anytime soon, they NEED these!!! They are likely to spend several hours on their knees when installing, refurbishing, or even cleaning floors, so they need to protect them. These gel-cushioned knee pads make the process much more pleasant.

Coming in at #1 is this gadget that we never knew we needed. Protect your friend or family member's floors from muddy paws with the gift that keeps on giving. They'll simply need to fill this thing with water and dipping their dog's paw into it. That's it! And the price just makes it all the better.

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