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Cabinets, Countertops and Floors...OH MY!

When designing your dream kitchen you have a lot of big choices to make concerning color, texture, and style coordination. It can be a bit overwhelming to say the least, especially because it is often difficult to visualize what the room will look like when everything comes together. While we can't necessarily make this an easy process, we can help. That's why for this Floor Tip Thursday we want to give you a few words of advice when it comes to choosing the Big 3 of your design foundation: cabinets, countertops and floors.

1. Know your color scheme.

Having a decided color scheme is going to make the whole kitchen design process more simple. It will give you a target to aim for; a focus. You will also narrow down all of the color and texture choices significantly since you'll know what colors to work with. Suddenly all of those options won't seem so overwhelming.

The best part is that there are a variety of websites that can help you put together and compare any color combination that you can imagine, so there's nothing to worry about if this kind of thing doesn't come naturally. You have a world of help at your fingertips.

2. Think long term.

Keep in mind when you're shopping that you'll be living with the cabinets, countertops and floors that you choose for a long time. You're taste in style may change over the years. We suggest going with more neutral colors for the Big 3 (we'll just use this phrase anytime we're referring to cabinets, countertops and floors from here on out). That way you can work around them to change the style with pops of color and new decorations. This will ensure that you can love your kitchen for as long as possible without having to sacrifice your changing tastes.

3. Pick a focal point.

Of the big 3, which would you like people to notice the most? Where would you like the eye to be drawn upon entering the kitchen? Choose one and then feel free to play with texture and more noticeable colors with that element. The other two should be more subtle. This will create contrast in the room and keep things from looking too busy.

Notice in the picture below how your eyes are drawn the the floor and the backsplash. Here are our focal points. The clean-cut white counters and cabinets frame these perfectly without detracting from them.

4. Decide what feel you'd like to convey.

When people walk into your kitchen, what would you like them to experience? Do you want your kitchen to feel cozy and inviting? Warm and heavy? Light and airy? Bright and cheery? Industrial and modern?

Once you pinpoint the tone you desire for your kitchen you can pick fixtures and floors to match. For instance, a combination of deep cherry cabinets, grey marble countertops, and tawny floors expresses a genial tone that invites people in and just makes you want to pop open a nice bottle of red wine. On the other hand, putting together white cabinets, light quartz countertops, and rustic grey vinyl floors will give off a tranquil and modern vibe. Let your kitchen express who you are.

What do the kitchens below make you feel?

5. Remember you can play with the accessories.

Don't stress yourself out by relying on the Big 3 to carry your style forever. They are a canvass that you get to play with. Once you've picked your NEUTRAL countertops, cabinets, and floors you can tie in your color scheme with accents and accessories. Change the color of your chairs, backsplash, the cabinet handles, bowls, curtains, etc. It's fun and you'll have a lot more flexibility with the end result if you do things this way.

Happy Flooring!

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