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Flooring On A Budget

As a flooring company we know that a reality for many people is owning a floor that is long overdue for a makeover but having no budget to replace it. New flooring inevitably finds its way to the lower half of your priority list because the expense just seems "too unmanageable right now". But here's another reality for you: there are options even for minuscule budgets. You don't have to live with an outdated or ruined floor! Here are a few alternatives to get your floor in shape at a low cost:

1. Vinyl

Customers often cringe when they hear the word "vinyl". It brings back memories of horrendously ugly yellow-brown squares on their grandmother's kitchen floor. Nowadays, however, we're not dealing with your grandma's vinyl. Both vinyl tiles and vinyl sheet flooring come in a wide variety of gorgeous styles that mimic your favorite flooring materials. The best part? You can purchase vinyl flooring for as low as $0.90 per square foot!

2. Plywood

When imagining a hardwood floor, what are the words that come to mind? Cherry? Walnut? Oak? Chances are the term "plywood" doesn't immediately come to mind, but believe it or not, it is a possibility! When stained and sealed the right way, plywood sheets can make a fantastic, modern-looking wood floor for your home. And you'll love the fact that they can work out to be as little as $0.70 per square foot!

3. Laminate

Another hardwood look-alike that you might consider is laminate flooring. Durable and natural-looking, this floor will give you all the luxury of a hardwood floor without breaking the bank. The top layer of laminate floorboards are actual wood, so you can imagine how beautiful they turn out to be. Of course, you can't go wrong with a wood floor that starts at just $0.80 per square foot.

4. Carpet Tiles

Don't worry, carpet lovers, we have something for you too. It's no secret that a roll of carpeting can get expensive really quickly, but what if you were to break that roll up into squares? Suddenly things become a whole lot easier to install, transport, replace, and create! That's what you get when you sign up for carpet tiles. These tiles are often used in commercial buildings where carpeting wears out quickly or needs to be replaced segments at a time, but they are starting to show up in homes more and more. We can't blame homeowners since they can be purchased for under $2.00 per square foot.

5. Porcelain Tile

Now, while it's not as DIY friendly as the other types of flooring we've mentioned so far, porcelain tile is a great option for anyone looking to replace flooring in a bathroom or kitchen. These tiles are incredibly durable and will last you a very long time, but buyer beware! They can be very tricky to install and will cost you a lot more money down the road if not done properly. You can pick up porcelain tiles for as little as $0.50 per square foot, but professional installation will bump things up to $4.00 per square foot.

Isn't it nice to know you can afford a new floor without breaking the bank? Let us know which inexpensive option appeals to you the most in the comments below!

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