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Porcelain vs. Ceramic Tile: What You Want to Know!

When you are looking to add some tile floors into your life you will inevitably cross paths with porcelain and ceramic tiles. They are the two most popular kinds of tiles on the market, and for good reasons. You just need to figure out which reasons fit best with your home. Let's take a look at our two contenders.

First,we have the classic ceramic tile. This crowd-pleaser is great for your bathroom or kitchen, as durable as it is easy to clean. Imagine a world where you don’t have to worry about a high-maintenance surface on cleaning day! That is exactly what ceramic brings to the table. The germ-resistant tile is made up of inorganic materials like clay, and is finished off with a gorgeous glaze.

Best of all, ceramic tile is your pocket book’s best friend. Coming in between $3-$7 per square foot, the cost to update your home will remain relatively low. Go ahead and splurge on your floors, walls, backsplashes, or countertops!

The one thing to keep in mind if you're thinking ceramic is the right choice for you is that you have to pay close attention to details when you're buying them. Manufactured in production runs, these tiles vary slightly in size and color from batch to batch. Speak to your consultant to ensure that all of the lot (color) and caliber (size) numbers match on your tile.

Now let's talk about porcelain. This crowd-favorite is tough; really, really tough. Porcelain tile isn’t altogether necessary for residential homes because of how solid it is, but the wide variety of color and design options make it hard to resist. You can get pretty creative with porcelain.

Another pro-budget choice, porcelain tile ranges from just $3-$6! That means you’ll have money left over to have a professional install your tile. This is great news because porcelain installation is not for the fainthearted or inexperienced. It requires a different installation process than most tiles which can be more than a small challenge. But, whether you decide to pay the extra price in U.S. currency or some elbow grease, you are sure to love the end result.

Have questions? Send us a message to learn more about these amazing tiles!

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