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Best Guide For Buying Your New Carpet Pad

On Tuesday we talked about some signs that let you know when you should replace your carpeting and, perhaps more importantly, your carpet pad. Making sure you have a good carpet pad is absolutely crucial to the carpet buying process. Doing so will determine how warm you want your carpet to be, how good a foundation you want it to sit on, how much shock absorption you want underfoot, and how quiet you want the room it’s in to remain. It also determines whether or not the warranty on your carpet remains valid. So, yeah, it’s a big deal.

For better or for worse, there are quite a few options to pick from in the way of carpet pads, and the process can get confusing. It can take some of the joy out of choosing a new carpet. We want that excitement to last, so allow us to narrow things down for you while you choose the padding. We’ll even make it super easy with this handy chart so you don’t have to sift through a bunch of elongated paragraphs. How nice are we?

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