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Summer Floor Checklist: Summer Cleaning Series

With the beautiful warm weather of summer comes an overwhelming desire to open up every window and door in the house! Who can resist the sounds of laughter and birds chittering that drifts in on the season's cooling breezes? Not many.

Happy sounds and cool air aren't the only things that come riding in on those breezes, however. Dust, pollen, and bugs have a pesky way of joining the party too. Add that to the dirt, sand and water that usually gets tracked in on shoes and you have yourself a pretty substantial cleaning job each summer. While we know the extra chores are well worth every summer luxury you get to enjoy during the season, it does take some thinking ahead to take care of. That's why we've created the ultimate summer shopping list so you don't have to worry about your floors when you're having fun.

1. Doormat

Dirt, pollen, sand, and water are common offenders that get tracked into the house whenever someone comes in from outside. By simply placing a doormat out front you can save yourself quite a bit of cleaning time in the long run. Just be sure to enforce the use of it.

Doormats are particularly helpful after a day at the beach:

2. Dish Detergent

We have lost count of how many times dish detergent came up in our summer cleaning series as an ingredient in DIY cleaning solutions. It's been a part of the advice given for cleaning carpets, tile, patios, vinyl, and laminate floors. Having a healthy amount of this stuff around is an absolute must for protecting your floors this summer.

See how dish detergent can help you:

3. Stiff Bristle Brush

Patio floors need a little tough love when it comes to stain removal, so you'll need a brush with some firm bristles to help lift stains from food and dirt. It'll be sure to get the job done!

Need patio advice? Here you go:

4. Vinegar

Vinegar came in handy quite a few times in our ice cream themed blog, but it is also useful for cleaning grease and water stains too. We love it because it is an all-natural product that can remove those tough stains and deodorize your floor without harsh fumes.

Take a look at how we used vinegar:

5. Microfiber Cloths

This item shouldn't need a whole lot of explanation as to why it's important. Time and again we saw these microfiber cloths come up in our cleaning advice. They are great for blotting, wiping, and soaking the stains away. Keeping a number of clean ones on hand will ensure that you are ready for whatever your summer throws at you, or rather, your floors!

6. Vacuum Cleaner

No one can avoid buying a vacuum cleaner and expect their floors to stay flawless. The grit and sand that appears on your floor can wear down your flooring and damage it pretty seriously. Vacuuming at least once a week is the best way to avoid worn hardwood floors and stinky carpets.

A vacuum cleaner is super helpful with your carpets in particular:

7. UV Blocking Film

We talked a bit last week about the discoloration that can occur if your floors - particularly hardwood floors - are left exposed to UV rays. You could really turn your beautiful floors into an eyesore if you're not careful. Attaching UV film to your windows can help block out those harmful rays without taking a toll on your wallet.

Find out more about how UV rays can damage your floor:

8. Rubbing Alcohol

While it may be further down the list of avenues you want to travel to clean your floors, rubbing alcohol can become a last resort for set-in stains. Use when dish detergent isn't doing the trick to get your floor back to normal.

See what rubbing alcohol can do:

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