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3 Perfect Floors for Your Inner Hipster

While the rush of handlebar mustaches, suspenders, and thick-rimmed glasses has begun to die down, the essence of the hipster movement is very much alive and well in our culture today. We still long to be different; to have those around us recognize the fact that we possess the perfect amount of creativity to stylishly defy cultural norms. It's kind of fun to stand out in the crowd; wonderfully bold.

Our question to you is this: why not go bigger with this movement? Sure, anyone can dress differently or follow a niche band that is under-appreciated by the masses, but how many would really take their against-the-grain personality into their home? This week we're going to dare you to be different with these unique types of flooring that many forget about:

1) Bamboo!

Panda bears aren't the only ones who can appreciate this natural resource. It's sleek, tawny appearance can make a home look bright and modern. Beyond that, it's easy to clean and easy to love. Not every home can pull this look off because of how contemporary it does look, but if your house is the exception you can rest assured that you'll have bragging rights for quite a while. After all, how many people can say they have a floor made completely out of grass?

Extra benefits:



Variety of colors

Can be refinished


Easy to maintain

2) Slate!

If hardwood bores you and normal ceramic or porcelain tiles just aren't cutting it, you should consider the ever-stylish slate flooring. This impressively durable material will provide your home with a mountain-villa effect due to the earthy colors and textures it comes in. If you want to make your home feel more organic and natural, this flooring is perfect for you .

Extra Benefits:


Resistent to scratching and chipping

Retains heat exceptionally well with a below-surface heating system

Retains cooler temperatures

Excellent resale value

3) Cork!

It's odd to think that the same stuff that keeps your favorite wine fresh and delicious can turned into a floor, but it makes a fantastic addition to your home. It's appearance is absolutely charming, but not the only noteworthy attribute. Cork flooring is also hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and easy on your joints. So long as you keep it away from excess water and damage, a cork floor will give you endless opportunities show off your purchase with the utmost pride.

Extra Benefits:




Saves you money on heating and cooling bills

Reduces noise in your room

Naturally repels insects and vermin

Easy to maintain

We'll leave you with these three options for now. Time for you to figure out just what kind of different you want to become. No matter what you decide, you're right. We are sure that you will be happy whichever floor you decide on.

Happy flooring!

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