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Miracle Shower Cleaner! Does It Work?

As much as we love seeing a freshly cleaned shower, we know that the process of getting a shower to that state is taxing. Not only do you have to scrub and try to maneuver around the small space, but you also have to deal with the overpowering chemical smell that comes with most shower cleaners. Add that to the fact that most bathrooms have no window to let the smell out and you have a guaranteed headache waiting for you at the end of the day.

With this problem in mind, we decided to try the so-called "miracle shower cleaner" that is taking over the internet. We bought the items needed for the mixture, put it together, and tested it out for ourselves. The real question here was whether or not making our own shower cleaner was worth the effort. Here's what we found:

1) It Was Cheap!

The recipes we found online for this shower cleaner only required two ingredients: dish soap and vinegar! And guess what? We were able to find both at a dollar store! And because the recipe only calls for a cup of each, your two dollars are going to go a long way.

2) It Smells Great!

Because our goal was more about finding a solution for headache-inducing cleaning aids, we kept our expectations for the actual scent of the miracle cleaner fairly low. After all, how good could something smell when it's made with vinegar? But to our surprise, the mixture smelled really, really good! Taking on more of the dish soap smell, it was clean, fresh, and didn't make us lightheaded at all.

3) It Was Quick!

Pinterest is a vast playground of inspiration for crafters and DIYers, but so often the projects you find on there end up taking way longer than you thought. That wasn't the case with this. It took just a few minutes to prepare and spray down the shower, some time to wait, and then a moment or two to rinse everything off. Piece of cake!

4) It Was Effective!

Yes, we are pleased to say that the "miracle shower cleaner" worked wonderfully. The shower is looking great and no one feels lightheaded. We'd easily give it a 10/10 and would use it again.

How to Make It:


1 cup of white vinegar or cleaning vinegar

1 cup of dish soap


Put your vinegar in a microwave for 20-30 seconds, then mix in your dish soap. Pour the final solution into a spray bottle and spray your shower down. Scrub the mixture into the grime on your shower with a dish cleaning brush. Let the solution sit for half an hour and then rinse it off. Easy as that!

Happy Flooring!

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