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Rust Removal: Keep Your Shower Sparkling

Who doesn't want their bathroom to feel like a five-star spa when they come home after a stressful day? It's not just a "water closet" to take care of your daily necessities; it's your own personal paradise. So, in an effort to spruce up your bathroom, you decorate and organize and feng shui the area until it's perfect. The problem is that many modern touches made for your shower specifically are made with metal or steel. They sparkle and add an elegant touch to your organization, but soon after collect rust. Horrible, ugly, classless rust.

Shower caddies, shower shelving units, shower rods, and shower hooks are all susceptible to rusting if they're not taken care off. Here is the best way to keep things looking classy:

1. Brush away any loose rust away from the rusted item. If you can take the item outside, do so to avoid making a huge mess in your bathroom.

2. Spray the item down with white vinegar, then sprinkle the rusty areas with baking soda. Scrub the whole thing thoroughly and repeat as necessary.

3. Rinse the item with warm water and wipe dry.

4. Get yourself some good car wax and apply a little bit (about a teaspoons worth) to a damp sponge. Wax the whole surface and let it dry for 20 minutes.

5. When the wax makes your metal item hazy you're ready to wipe the wax off and buff your caddy or shelves until they shine!

6. Restore your bathroom to its former glory with your like-new shower accoutrements and get back to feeling like the king or queen you are!

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