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Brick Floors: Thinking Outside the Box

Thanks to the flourishing popularity of rustic and shabby-chic styles, people are getting increasingly creative with home decor. For the many fans of this style, ruffled pillows are making a comeback, mason jars are being used for everything but preserves, and furniture isn't even allowed through the door if it isn't at least a little bit distressed. People just love that classy-but-imperfect fashion for their homes, and we're loving it too.

One of the best things about this particular style is that outdated trends are gaining new life. This exciting truth, of course, extends to floors as well. The distressed wood look has shot up in popularity ever since the term shabby-chic became common. But we think that people are overlooking an equally rustic flooring medium that could completely shift the look of a room. Two words: brick floors.

Imagine the aesthetic of a rich, red and brown brick floor playing up a crisp, white vintage kitchen table. A slightly worn antique water pitcher sits on that table filled with a vibrant bouquet of wild flowers. Every detail of the room comes together gracefully to create the perfect homage to the past, and you couldn't feel more at home.

Why is brick a great idea?

1) It's different. While some might say unusual, we say brick flooring is unique. Our guess is that it only takes a few figures to count the number of times you've seen a brick floor inside someone's living space. If you want a floor that will really stand out, brick is definitely the way to go.

2) It's natural. Bricks are made from all-natural materials. No synthetic ingredients in your floor!

3) It's warm. Many people who like the idea of brick are also fans of stone flooring. The problem with stone, however, is that it gets cold. REALLY cold. Michiganders can't afford any extra chill in their house. Brick, on the other hand, stays a pretty moderate temperature no matter what the weather is like outside. And for those of you that like to keep your toes toasty, brick can be combined with a below-surface heating system that feels heavenly in the winter.

4) It comes with variety. Bricks come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so you're not stuck with one choice if the classic red and brown bricks aren't cohesive with your home design.

5) It's slip-resistant. Due to how textured bricks are, they are difficult to slip on (unless a wax finish is applied), even when wet.

Things to keep in mind before buying a brick floor:

As beautiful as it can be, brick floors aren't the best option for everyone. They are hard, which can be uncomfortable for people who stand on them for long periods of time. They are also porous, which means spills and excess moisture can eventually cause mildew or staining if not taken care of immediately. All in all, though, brick floors are a beautiful addition to any home looking for a little more character.

Thinking about installing a brick floor? Give us a call today!

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